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Griffin Falls

Forest walks, bird watching or zip lining — no matter what your interests are, this beautiful forest has everything to offer for an adventurous afternoon.


As one of the major tourist attractions in the country, Griffin Falls are located in the Mabira Forest, which is a reserved land filled with a diverse population of animals. The forest itself is owned by Mabira Forest Integrated Community Organisation (MAFICO), which was paired with the United States Peace Corps Volunteer to create a culture of conservation within the surrounding communities of the forest and establish jobs to ensure the welfare of these indiginous groups. When visiting the site, you can take a stroll through the jungle with a guided tour along the river while also participating in the bird watching of various species. In addition, the camp provides environmental education programs designed for primary and secondary schools and supplies guides who are capable of assisting in professional research. Top it off with an adrenaline-filled zip line stretching 87 meters across the river between two 40 meter trees!


Local time5:27 AM GMT+3
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